ADTP2 Tabletop Printer Price

Avery Dennison ADTP2 Tabletop Barcode Printer


  • The same rugged, reliable, field proven print mechanism as in our larger tabletop printers.
  • 33% larger ribbon capacity than similar printers and the ability to hold a 200 meter supply* for less downtime due to supply changeover.
  • Exclusive, built-in RFID verifier overstrikes bad labels and tags to ensure 100% scannability.
  • Barcode Assured™ technology reduces printing unreadable bar codes with a patented, fail-safe dot shifting autocorrect feature that also extends print life.
  • Folding supply door reduces the space needed beside and above the printer.
  • Dual-ribbon control eliminates ribbon wrinkles to save time and money.
  • No special tools or service representatives needed with our tilting, user-accessible printheads.
  • Compatible with EcoCapacity+™ thin liner labels that significantly reduce water and energy use, solid waste production, and C02 emissions.


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Product Description

Avery Dennison Tabletop printer 2 (ADTP2) is a compact printer which delivers high-performance Barcode printing and RFID encoding. Best choice for labeling application such as label printing, tag printing, asset tracking, RFID label or tag prints with error reduced result and faster job delivery with quality printing. It will help you with additional productivity and downtime cutting. Now manage your merchandises more quickly and with more accuracy throughout the supply chain.

Feel the performance in the wide range of marking applications as item level marking, item-level tracking, working progress tracking, retail compliance, labeling, hang tagging, asset tracking. Featuring acceleration in Barcode, also in RFID label or RFID tag printing, encoding, verifying, cutting and stacking.

ADTP2 is increasing profit potentials by cutting vendor production charges and costs. Now deliver faster and more accurately with Built-it RFID verifier. Overstrikes on bad RFID labels or bad RFID tags. Featuring BARCODE ASSURED TM for extend life of print head with unreadable barcode elimination as a fail-safe dot shifting auto-correction. To high-quality printing consistency

ADTP2 boosting its performance with ultra-reliable dual motor ribbon control. No need to worry about clutch and belt replacement.

Designed to Be Easy

  • Unique tilting print mechanism, illuminated loading area and highlighted touch-points make supply loading effortless.
  • Three-color backlit LCD display provides instant visual identification of printer status.
  • Standard USB, Ethernet, RS-232 and optional dual-band wireless networking allow easy connection to host systems in a broad range of environments.
  • Usable as a standalone system with a keyboard, keypad and barcode scanner accessories for data entry.


Non-Stop Print and Encode

  • Integrated RFID EPC verifier provides an additional data Integrity check, to virtually eliminate RFID data errors and provide an audit record for trace-ability.
  • Able to continuously encode RFID supplies. Patented non-stop print and encode technology provides up to 3 times the throughput of even full-size tabletop printers.
  • Prints and encodes label and tag material at up to 8 inches per second for continuous batch production.
  • Supports on-demand and one-at-a-time tag printing, encoding and cutting for short-run or replacement applications.


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